Grumpy Hare

We Are Flippers, Wholesalers, & Door Collectors

We are successful because we have the right systems and tools that allow us to do what we do best. Closing Deals.
When we couldn’t find the right tools to best allow us to do this, we set out to create them our own. So we did.


How It All Started

At Grumpyhare, our story begins with a dash of frustration and a sprinkle of inspiration from a NASA robotics scientist. We created Grumpyhare to be an innovative alternative to cookie-cutter real estate investor websites. 

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We Share Common Values

Work With Purpose

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Do Everything With Care

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Innovate Through Technology

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The people behind our success

Meet The Grumpy Team

CEO & Founder

COO & Founder

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Most Common Frustrations with Hosting Providers

Customization Limitations: Competitor’s templates are designed for real estate, but customization options can be limited, making it challenging to create a unique website that really stands out.

SEO Competition: Due to the popularity of competitors websites among real estate investors, users might face increased competition in search engine rankings, requiring additional effort to rank well.

Lead Generation Strategies: While competitors claims that they are designed to generate leads, users might find it challenging to develop effective lead generation strategies that differentiate them from other platform users.

Limited Integrations: Integrating third-party tools and services with competitors might be limited since most competitors uses their own sources. Most of the time, their platform is not compatible with these third-party tools which can hinder users’ ability to expand their website’s functionality.

Dependency on Platform: Since most competitors use their own website builder, users might find it challenging to migrate their website and leads to another platform if they decide to switch in the future, potentially causing disruptions to their business.