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Here Are Few Amazing Things People Tell About GrumpyHare


Designed to be bigger better faster... & CHEAPER

Switch to GrumpHare and save up to $948 annually. We specifically designed the GrumpyHare platform to be bigger, better and faster than anything else out there. The last thing we did, is we make sure it’s cheaper. Premium products are no longer just for the rich and successful. We made sure that those who need it most—those with limited budgets—can afford a premium product to help them succeed and make that money.

-By the people, for the people.

“Dude Jerryll ever since I joined Grumpy Hare I am ranking even higher for alot of keywords i never ranked for. I am now #1 for “sell my house in san bernardino” I never reached that with carrot. Dude I am so glad you created this new platform man.
I am ranking 1# for almost every Keyword! and thats not even all the words I am ranking for!!!”

Myles Jay

“I had no experience in web design or search engine optimization. I was literally starting from scratch and now I’m the number one ranked cash home buyer for my market in Chattanooga! I rank in the top three for almost every city within 50 miles of me. I will absolutely become a millionaire in the next couple of years.”

Erik Wright

“This turnaround was so fast for us. We climbed to the number one spot in every keyword category that we were aiming for. He’s literally figured out the formula to SEO and he’s doing it differently than everyone else is and he’s doing it correctly.”

Erin Pennington

Anthony Stephenson

When I implemented the JSEO Credibility pkg on my Carrot site it went from ranking waaaay down the list to consistently on the first page. This shows me that Jerryll Noorden knows what he is doing. I believe he has the ability to provide a superior website template as well. For that reason my plan is to leverage his proven knowledge and make the swap from Carrot over to GrumpyHare. Plus I don’t have the brain space to do what he has already done…lol

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Justin Harris

This is what happens when you use data and have a NASA scientist analyze it for you. They put people on the fucking moon!! Amazing stuff!! Jerryll Noorden is the best!! 

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Jacob Jose

I was on the third page of Google in several keywords before I moved to GH. I just checked after 3 days moving to GH and I am on the first page #4 after the sponsored links. I tried several different keywords , my site is coming up on the first page in all keywords. Jerryll Noorden I don’t know what kind of magic you play, but its working. You are an amazing dude to create this Magical platform.

14 hours ago

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Meet our Solopreneur, Duopreneur, and Corporate website templates, each meticulously crafted to reflect the personality types, gender, and business structures of our users, engineered around the conversion psychology of motivated sellers.

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"I believe the Grumpyhare platform will be the new standard because of its simplicity and feel. I’m glad I switched and am looking forward to seeing others on this platform!"

- Anthony Bostic

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I must say, the Grumpy builder is very well designed. It’s very intuitive once you get the hang of it. Carrot was a MUCH steeper learning curve. All the custom CSS drove me crazy. Hats off to the GrumpyHare devs.

Adrian Pedraza

GrumpyHare is where it’s at folks! The GH staff and the entire SEO for REI team has been super hands-on throughout the process of building my website and its been such a smooth process. Don’t get it twisted though… in order to be successful you MUST put in the sweat equity and intimate time into it, but the ease and user-friendliness of the platform definitely keeps you juiced up! This is my first go at utilizing SEO for my business and I am looking forward to making it happen with GH and the SEO community. Let’s get it! Cheers!

Allan DeGuzman

If you have the money and don’t sign up for this you’re crazy… I’ve tried every other possible option…thousands of dollars later trying to get leads and no deal is not the way to do this business. Do what Jerryll Noorden says and you’ll get where you want to be. 

Amy Freeman

Top Ranked Home Buyers

Hey Credibility Jerryll Noorden

I switched from the other host to GrumpyHare and I’ve ranked number 8 for Riverside in two weeks! I also have a lead that should sign the Purchase and Sale Agreement this evening. That will be my first SEO deal.

If you are not with GrumpyHare… you should be. The templates are already optimized for success. All you have to do is personalize them. And the smartest people pay them to transfer their site (lol).



C. Ferris Karam Construction LLC

I just want you all to know that I got my first lead from the website and put it under contract with a potential of 5oK profit. Looks like things are starting to cook! I want to say thanks to Jerryll and the team for all the support!

4 hours ago