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Who ever said real estate websites had to be ugly, cookie-cutter, boring, and Bland?

Investors and agents find themselves stuck with outdated, lackluster sad-excuse-for-a-website templates, and in order to do something about it, they are forced to make countless modifications or hire a coder hoping to end with a decent representation of their person and business online.

However, no matter how much you tweak, it will always be just an nth iteration of an ugly template, and it is noticeable.

Who decided that websites must conform to a universally bland template? It’s absurd! Who said that websites need to look like that standard universally base template everyone seems to be using? It is ridiculous.

Introducing our ever-expanding collection of modern, next-generation lead generation templates, meticulously crafted designs, tailored to showcase your individuality, build credibility, and convert traffic into leads effortlessly. Each template is a unique masterpiece, professionally designed to stand out in a sea of mediocrity. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter websites and hello to a stunning online presence that truly reflects you, your business, and your brand.

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Customization Limitations: Competitor’s templates sacrifice customization options so they don’t have to deal with customer support for their users.

SEO Competition: While competition boast SEO out-of-the-box, this simply is not true. True SEO comes from providing unique value to Google’s users. A cookie cutter template can’t do that.

Lead Generation Effectiveness: While competitors claims their templates are designed to generate leads, none of them truly understand what it takes to convert traffic into leads. (They wouldn’t offer cookie-cutter websites if they did).

Limited Integrations: Integrating third-party tools would mean competitors need to offer more support so they rather limit website functionality than just offer the support you need. Which hinders users’ ability to expand their website’s functionality. 

Dependency on Platform: Since most competitors use their own website builder, users might find it challenging to migrate their website and leads to other platforms if they decide to switch in the future, potentially causing disruptions to their business. 
Retention by Fear: They make it impossible for users to leave by not giving them the option to leave without losing everything and starting over.


Customization Flexibility: Using our own Grumpy Builder Editor,  users can easily customize their website as they see fit using our easy drag-and-drop functionality. 

SEO Forerunners: Grumpy Hare templates focus on the uniqueness of our users on an individual basis, giving each website a complete unique set of values Google wants to see in #1 ranking websites.

Lead Generation Effectiveness: Lead Conversion happens when traffic trust the business. Our templates are solely focused on individual, personal, credibility, and trustworthiness, making our templates the highest lead converting on the markets. (And they look dang pretty).

Easy Integrations: WordPress is the most popular CMS platform for a reason. It’s free and open-source, making it more accessible than ever to third-party developers. So you have a whole world of third party tools available to bring your website to new heights. 

Freedom from Platform: Grumpy Hare uses cutting edge third-party platforms,  which can easily migrate their website and leads to other platforms if they decide to switch in the future. This allows our users to be free and unbound to our platform
Retention by Value: Grumpy Hare makes it impossible for users to leave because of the loss of value user experience if they left.