GrumpyHare Website Builder

Introduction: GrumpyBuilder

This guide is designed for those looking to modify our templates or seamlessly transfer content from another website provider. Whether you’re adjusting layout and design elements or transferring articles, images, and other content, we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step. From copying and pasting to making necessary adjustments, this guide ensures a smooth transition, allowing you to maintain your online presence with ease.

Accessing Your GrumpyHare Dashboard

To access your GrumpyHare dashboard and Editor (GrumpyBuilder) simply enter your website URL into a browser followed by: “/admin”.


My website’s URL =, so to access my backend dashboard, I would type in:

In other words, to access your back-end dashboard it will be:

In the login page, type in your login credentials

Changing Out Your Text

  1. On your GrumpyHare dashboard, navigate to Pages or Posts, depending on where you want to edit text.
  2. Click the title of the specific page or post you want to make changes to.
  3. The content area will display the existing text. Edit directly within this area, making any desired changes (paragraphs, formatting, adding content).
  4. Use the “Preview” button to see a live preview of how your edits will appear on the published page.
  5. Save or Publish:
    • Click “Update” to save your changes as a draft or update an existing published page.
    • Click “Publish” to make your edits live on the website if the page is not yet published.

Changing the YouTube Video

  1. Open the page with the video for editing.
  2. Find the video element and click to edit.
  3. Replace Link:  Paste the new YouTube video URL into the “Link” field.
  4. Update:  Click “Update” to save your changes.

Applying the Jbord

  1. Open your page for editing.
  2. Add Custom Code:  Search for the “Custom Code” widget and drag it to your page.
  3. Paste Your Code:  In the widget settings, paste your code snippet into the designated area.
  4. Choose Location:  Select where to inject the code (Head, Body Start, Body End, etc.).
  5. Save & Check:  Click “Update” to publish and test if the code works as intended.