How To Increase Website Conversion Rates

If you are chasing or paying for leads it means they are bad leads. Why? If they were good leads they would have taken the initiative to find a solution to their problem. They would have been looking for you. Nothing can target motivated sellers. You need to make it extremely easy for THEM to find YOU, and then make it extremely easy for them to feel like you are the right person to work with.

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Your success in this course will greatly depend on how well you tweak and optimize your website based on your knowledge of your market and your knowledge on how a motivated seller would behave being exposed to the content of your website.

So you need to figure out how a motivated seller acts like thinks like behaves like being exposed to the content of your website and how well you are able to connect with the ideal image a motivated seller has of what the perfect cash buyer would be.

Ideal For Creative Financing Deals

Ideal For Finding Short Term Leasing Deals

Ideal For Finding single family Deals

Ideal For Finding Multi-Family Deals

Ideal For Finding Wholesaling Deals

Ideal For Finding Flipping Deals

Ideal For Finding AirBnB Deals

Ideal For Finding Subto Deals

Ideal For Finding Agents & Brokers Deals

Ideal For Finding apartment buildings Deals

Ideal For Finding Land Deals

Ideal For Finding Commercial Deals

By the end of this workshop, you will...

Identify The Key Elements That Drive Higher Conversions

Apply Our Unique In-House Developed Ranking Strategies To Your Website

Finalize Your Lean, Mean, Lead Generation Machine

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Day 1: The Anatomy Of A Conversion

Here is how we are going to strategically and analytically transform your current website into a lean, mean, lead-generation machine, all driven by data and numbers.

When I say “by the numbers,” you’ll soon realize I’m not just saying it. This is about doing it right, with no fluff, no opinions, and no “experienced-based strategies (that may work for me but not you), just analytics, and data.”

Learn What A Conversion Is, And What Makes It Happen

Conversions 101

Understand Why Your Website Is Not Performing

Learn The 3 Pillars Of A High Converting Website

Understand The 4 Key Elements Of A Conversion

Personality Types Vs Business Structure Vs Conversions

Day 2 & 3: Set Up Your Website For Conversions

Learn the step-by-step process to set up your website for motivated seller traffic attraction and traffic-to-lead conversions using the GrumpyHare in-house developed ranking and conversion strategies.

Mastering Layout, Content & Presentation

Learn How To Set Up The Website Basics

Learn How To Set Up Website Credibility

Learn How To Set Up Your Website For Ranking

Text, Image and Video Mastery

Step-By-Step, Page-By-Page Over My Shoulder Website Customization & Personalization


GrumpyHare is the next generation lead generation online platform that doesn’t just attract motivated sellers but also converts that motivated traffic into motivated leads. GrumpyHare websites are the highest converting, beautifully crafted, and individual-based real estate websites that completely redefine the online lead generation landscape.

GrumpyHare websites are the result of 8 years’ worth of extensive lead generation and traffic to lead conversion research performed on our own personal organically #1 ranking websites as well as the websites that rank #1 of our students in markets all over the USA and Canada.

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