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Ready to take your business to the next level? We specialize in crafting stunning, high-converting websites, offering comprehensive training, and delivering top-notch support to ensure your business thrives. Manage your leads effortlessly, make quick website edits, and design multiple landing pages to seize every opportunity. Let’s skyrocket your success together with Grumpy Hare.


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How To Pick Your Perfect Template


Proven Real Estate Web Design That Drives Results

10+ Premium Website Templates

and growing...

Choose from our ever-growing library of Premium Website Templates,  brilliantly designed to effectively enhance your perceived credibility and professionalism converting more traffic into leads with less effort while elevating your online presence to the top spot on Google. With new designs added regularly, you’ll have a wide range of options to choose from, ensuring your website always stays fresh and engaging. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to refresh your site, our templates make it easy to create a professional and captivating online experience.


A high-performing website with everything you need to get online and convert traffic into leads.







1 Powerful Conversion-Driven Website

  • Top-Tier Industry Web Hosting
  • Utilizing Grumpy Builder Visual Editor
  • Optimized for SEO

Grumpyhare’s CRM & Lead Manager

  • Track and manage your leads
  • Intuitively designed for ease of use
  • Email notifications for leads

Grumpyhare Marketing Essentials

  • Analyze Website Traffic Patterns
  • Monitor SEO Rankings for 25 Key Keywords

Community Education

  • In-House Community
  • Interactive Custom Built Learning Platform
  • Topnotch Education
  • Chat & Email Support
  • Weekly Group Training calls
  • Written & Video Tutorials

Advanced SEO & Tracking Tools

On-Page Content Analyzer

  • Optimize your content to rank

Keyword Tracking

  • Track up to 25 Keywords for SEO Ranking

Keyword Explorer

  • Find keyword gems by analyzing keyword data, competitiveness and related keywords

Website Authority Tracker

  • Monitor Your Site’s Authority Score

SEO Health Check Reports

  • Identify and Enhance Overall Website Performance
Daily Ranking Updates
  • Monitor your site daily
Search Engine
  • Track your keywords through 130+ versions of Google
Local Rank Tracking
  • Track your ranking in specific Country, Region or City
SERP Features
  • See which special  features are included in the SERP for a keyword (such as ads and featured snippets)
Search Volume, CPC & Traffic
  • Get the search volume per month for your keywords and the corresponding CPC of it (as estimated by Google)
Ranking Keywords
  • Get results for keywords that you even don’t know your ranking for
Competitor Tracking
  • Always get ahead of the competition by tracking your competitors ranking

AI Content Automation Tools

Automated Content Generator

  • Duplicated and pre-written content for blogs or pages

Bad For SEO

YouTube Videos to Blogs 

  • Transcribe your Youtube video into engaging blogs for your website at the press of a button

Landing Page Builder

  • AI regenerated unpolished landing pages

Bad For SEO

Premium Website Designs

Polished and Designs For Every Investor or Agent

  • Optimized for the highest conversion rates

Blow Away All of Your Competitors

  • Stand proud with your unique brand and website

Increase Reach With Hand Crafted City Pages

  • Premium city pages for every template


A high-performing website with everything you need to get online and convert traffic into leads.







1 High Converting Website
  • SEO Optimized
  • Industry-leading Web Hosting
  • Visual Editor

GrumpyHare Lead Manager

  • Lead Source Tracking
  • Integrated Google Maps & Streetview
  • Immediate Email Alerts & Followup
Standard Marketing Tools
  • Website Traffic Analytics
  • 3 Campaign Tracking Links
  • 3 Keywords To Track SEO Rankings

Community Education

  • In-House Community
  • Interactive Custom Built Learning Platform
  • Topnotch Education
  • Chat & Email Support
  • Weekly Group Training calls
  • Written & Video Guides
+ Advanced SEO Tools & Tracking
On-Page Content Analyzer
  • Optimize Your Content to Rank
Google Rank Tracking
  • 25 Keywords to Track SEO Rankings
Keyword Research
  • SEO Competitive Analysis
Domain Overview Tool
  • Track your website authority score
SEO Health Audit
  • Monitor & Improve Site-Wide Issues
+ Content Automation Tools
Automated Content Library
  • Pre-written and optimized blog posts

Bad For SEO


  • Convert YouTube videos to blog posts

Niche Authority Builder

  • Automate Targeted Lead Generation

Bad For SEO

AI Content Rewriting

  • One-click Content Customization
Premium Site Designs
Unique Layouts & Styles
  • Drive Higher Conversions
Stand Out From Your Competition
  • Differentiate Your Brand

Dedicated City Pages

  • Ready to use city page templates

Skyrocket Your Business Potential With GrumpyHare


Our Grumpyhare sites are meticulously fused with conversion-centric design, user-friendly functionality, and refined aesthetics. The outcome? A signature Grumpyhare touch—delivering superior conversion rates and visual allure, without sacrificing performance.


Our easy to use Lead manager allows you to track,sort, and follow up with your leads. You’ll have no issues closing deals when the follow up is made simple and easy for you. Using our visual dashboard, you can manage every detail of your lead so you can choose when,how,and where to follow up. We also offer integrations with other CRMS so you can take your pick!

Grumpy Builder

Our website builder takes away all the grumpiness and stress away from other website builders. Grumpy Builder is a seamless user-friendly visual editor for all of our Grumpyhare sites. It was engineered to be the most intuitive, and easy to use as possible. Despite being so light-weight and website friendly it is packed full of all kinds of features that makes tweaking your site a breeze.

City Page Templates Included

Ditch cookie-cutter websites! Grumpyhare’s real estate investor templates include city pages that let you dominate local SEO. Attract motivated sellers from all different cities using the layout and designs of our city pages.

Community Education

Empower your real estate investment journey with GrumpyHare’s comprehensive education suite. Our in-house community fosters knowledge sharing and collaboration, while our custom-built learning platform offers top-tier educational resources. Access in-depth written guides, informative video tutorials, and participate in live, weekly group training calls led by industry experts. Additionally, dedicated chat and email support ensures you have the guidance you need to navigate the intricacies of real estate investing with confidence. GrumpyHare equips you with the tools and support to make informed decisions and achieve your investment goals.

GrumpyHare rank tracking for everyone

Keep an eye on your competitors

As helpful it is to track your own efforts, keeping a close eye on the competition is always good.

GrumpyHare allows you to keep track of how your competitors are performing on the portfolio of keywords you are monitoring. At no extra cost!

Get an overview of your competitors.

Daily competitor ranking updates.

Get notified of important events.

Find keywords that make a difference

Our Keyword Research tool is unique in many ways. It’s fully integrated with our rank tracker which makes it a lot more convenient to use.

Not only do we present you with search volume but also estimated traffic volume and cost-per-click data, where applicable. We also identify the keywords where you have the best chance of ranking or where you are already ranking. The tool provides you with a simple, yet very useful, overview of keywords where your website, or pages of your website, has ranked before or where it is already ranking. You can handpick the most interesting keywords, or simply add them all, to your daily rank tracking with only a few clicks.