Grumpy Hare

Copyright Infringement Procedure

This copyright Infringement Procedure outlines the steps to be taken when copyright infringement is suspected or reported on our website.

Reporting Copyright Infringement:

  • Clients or third parties who suspect or encounter instances of copyright infringement within our website are required to report such incidents immediately to the admin department.
  • Reports can be made via email.


  • Upon receiving a report of copyright infringement, the designated copyright infringement admin will promptly initiate an investigation into the alleged infringement.
  • The investigation may involve gathering evidence, contacting the alleged infringing party, and consulting with legal counsel if necessary.

Cease and Desist Notice:

  • If the investigation confirms copyright infringement has occurred, the designated admin will issue a cease and desist notice to the infringing party.
  • The notice will demand the immediate cessation of the infringing activity and may include a request for the removal of the infringing content.

Compliance Monitoring:

  • The designated admin will monitor compliance with the cease and desist notice and take appropriate action if the infringing activity persists.
  • This may include escalating the matter to legal counsel and pursuing further legal action.


  • All steps taken during the copyright infringement procedure, including reports, investigations, communications, and actions taken, will be documented and maintained for record-keeping purposes.

Legal Action:

  • If compliance cannot be achieved through informal means, the designated admin may recommend pursuing legal action against the infringing party.
  • Legal action may include filing a formal complaint, seeking injunctive relief, or pursuing damages for copyright infringement.

Review and Update:

  • This Copyright Infringement Procedure will be periodically reviewed and updated as necessary to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

By adhering to this procedure, Grumpy Hare aims to protect the intellectual property rights of content creators and uphold legal and ethical standards regarding copyright infringement.